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First time author, Sean O'Reilly, has made it his mission to provide a resource for those who have been betrayed through infidelity. In "When She Cheated - My Story on Surviving Her Affair," Sean opens about his experience in discovering infidelity in his own marriage and navigating the tumultuous aftermath.

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In one minute, I was a married man who was just simply concerned and wondering how to get the “spark” back. In the very next moment, I was a man whose past was a lie, whose future was shattered and whose present was instantaneously chaotic. Nothing can prepare you for this moment.



However, I did learn a valuable lesson that night. Panic is when loss of control joins forces with hopelessness. The two feed off each other and together they grow like a cancer. To quell the panic, you either must restore hope or regain control.


Happiness lies in the journey, not the destination. My journey continues from here. My hopes for that journey are simple. I hope to strive to always be true to myself, and I hope to remember to always find the unmatched joy in putting others needs before my own. Finally, I hope to share my life and love with someone truly remarkable who accepts me for who I am at my core, not what she hopes I will one day become.

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I honestly never thought I would write a book in my lifetime. I was always the kid playing with the fonts and margins on my school writing assignments to get to 5 pages! But I found such purpose in writing my experience of surviving the initial days of her affair. There is very little out there for men to understand what they can expect to think and feel immediately after this discovery. Additionally, the impact of discovering a partner's affair has so many ancillary and tangential impacts. The betrayed individual experiences the direct pain, but there is typically a whole host of family and friends who want to understand what the individual is going through and how they can provide support or help. By telling my story, I wanted to provide a resource for all of those affected, both directly and indirectly.

During the immediate aftermath of discovering her affair, I did not need the endless resources about the reasons why she had an affair. What I needed were resources on how to navigate my own chaotic emotions and feelings. I hope my story can provide that resource for others going through this. My story is real and raw. It does not sugar coat anything. It is a story that will always stay with me as I am sure it will for anybody that goes through the discovery of a partner's affair.

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This is Sean O’Reilly’s gripping account of how his seemingly idyllic married life exploded into shards of debris on one sunny winter morning. I think men in particular will gain an insight into their emotional confusion when reading Sean’s painful story. This is not a fancy self help book littered with psychological theory. It’s an honest and vulnerable account of someone thrust into the unfathomable world of grief and sadness, caused by marital deceit. The narrative is fast paced and it matches the confusion and jumping thoughts of a person cycling through anger, sadness, disbelief, shock and above all confusion. Why? Definitely a must read, in my view.


Wow, this book came along just when I needed it the most. The author describes all the emotions that go along with a marital betrayal perfectly - it's scare how similar his situation is to my own and it was so therapeutic to read someone else's account of this horrible situation. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is suffering due to the infidelity of a spouse!

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