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Music inspired by When She Cheated - My Story on SURVIVING Her Affair

"Finding Me"

A turning point in my journey came when I discovered the power of writing down my thoughts and feelings after the discovery of her affair. I would wake up in the middle of the night and just write for hours. I wrote it all, the good, the bad, the embarrassing, and the ugly. However, it was through this process of organizing and writing my thoughts, I realized the power I had to shape my plan to get up from the low points of despair and move forward.

"Finding me" is a song I wrote about the process of this empowerment. There are moments of nostalgia, anger, heartbreak and loneliness. But the song builds like a snowball rolling down a hill. As I wrote and "owned" more of my circumstances, the more I felt I could process them and make a plan to conquer them.

"So I'm getting up, and writing down, what you have done to put me down. I'll take the hurt, but not the blame, you played and lost your f*cking game. The man I was has gone away, a memory of yesterday. If you're asking where I'll be, I'm Finding Me!"

-Sean O'Reilly

"Gasping for Air"

I open Chapter 1 - The Bombshell and Initial Moments of When She Cheated - My Story on SURVIVING Her Affair with lyrics to a song that I wrote about the overwhelming feelings right after the discovery. This is the song to which those lyrics belong. I wanted the piano to be consistent and haunting, like a heartbeat. That is one of the main things I recall from those initial moments, my heartbeat. It seemed to amplify as the overwhelming thoughts raced through my head. In one sense, it was comforting and consistent. But, in another sense, it was like a metronome reminding me that time keeps moving forward even as the hopelessness and despair rushes in like an ocean tide filling a sea cavern.

- Sean O'Reilly

"Your Song" (Cover - Original by Elton John and Bernie Taupin)

While I was recording my original songs "Gasping For Air" and "Finding Me," I decided to bust out the old Elton John songbook and record one of my favorites, "Your Song" as well. Sometimes, its all about losing yourself in creativity to refresh the soul when things seem low.

-Sean O'Reilly

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